On-line course on Environmentally Sustainable Restoration of Abandoned Ponds of Alpechin (ERAOWP)

Course of Technical-Professional competences in the field of sustainable management of olive oil production.


The course arises from the need to develop applied formation to the olive oil production sector about the management of non-productive mass flows such as alpechines, alperujos and vegetation waters. Especially considering that Spain is the world’s first producer of olive oil we should not forget that approximately 80% of the volume of processed olive is WASTE.

This course will specially explore the management and decontamination of abandoned ponds of alpechines. The evaporation of alpechines causes a great polluting effect, as well as risk of contamination of surrounding soils, aquifers or river courses. Therefore, in this course will be produce significant information for the olive sector, as well as certain tools for its sustainable management.

Finally we will show the results obtained in the Life+ Regrow project including the demonstrative actions of in situ remediation of 4 abandoned ponds in Mora (Toledo), using different sustainable bioremediation strategies.


The course will focus on the following objectives:

  • Introduce the student to the olive sector and the productive olive oil industrial activity.
  • Form about the generation, nature and management of the waste flows and by-products of
    olive oil production.
  • Introduce the student to the general processes of pollution of the agricultural environment and
    their specific aspects associated with the olive oil activities.
  • Show the main procedures for restoring contaminated soils and the processes that favor such
  • Study in depth the biological restoration processes (BRS) of interest in the olive oil sector.
  • Develop theoretical and practical training in BRS of landfarming, phytoremediation, composting
    and vermicomposting.
  • Restore a polluted area (abandoned ponds of alpechin), applying in situ different biological
    strategies (landfarming, phytoremediation, composting and vermicomposting) to reduce the
    contamination, and also transforming the area into a multifunctional green infrastructure for
    recreational, formative and educational purposes.
  • Spread the LIFE+Regrow project as a key tool for the sustainable management of abandoned
    ponds of alpechines.
  • Know operational, economic and environmental technical aspects that are key to the
    implementation of these LIFE REGROW solutions.
  • Train students for the proposal of new restoration projects of abandoned ponds of alpechines,
    based on key parameters and the use of DSS decision systems.







The contents of this course, elaborated as audiovisual knowledge pills, will be evaluated using an online questionnaire.

To access the questionnaire you must be registered in the course (free of charge in http://www.liferegrow.eu/)

Passing this questionnaire will entitle the LIFE+ project coordinator, to the course certification, equivalent to 1 ECTS credit.